Why You Should Try a Pet Social Network

People are created to be social and connect with others, which explains the wild popularity of social media platforms and apps. From Facebook to Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and so many more, people want to connect with their friends, family, and others who have similar interests. Thus, pet social networks are social media apps that allow those who love animals and their pets a place to connect.

Animal Lovers Click is a pet social network and pet dating app that brings together pet owners in your community. With this app for pet owners, you can create lost pet alerts, find pets to adopt, get veterinary recommendations, find the best dog parks and trails, and meet up with others. Our pet dating app feature is a great way to find others who love pets, too. Below, we’ll offer up a few of our top reasons why you should try a pet social network. Connect with us by downloading our app today!


Connect with Other Pet Owners

Connecting with other pet owners is one of the biggest reasons why you should try a pet social network. Here, you can find pet owners who have the same breed of dog as you and would like to get together. You can find cat owners who would love to meet for coffee and talk about their favorite feline in their life. You can find reptile lovers who are as much head-over-heels in love with their scaled friend as you are.

Get Advice

“My dog is not eating.” “My cat is throwing up food.” Or, “my lizard is constipated.” Being a pet owner is hard, especially when weird behaviors emerge. Having a community where you can easily jump online, ask a question, and get others’ experiences can be invaluable, calming, and offer peace of mind. Let’s face it, animals do odd things, but if it’s normal, you won’t have to waste a trip to the vet (and money) to find out.

A Place to Gush

The average person may not want to hear you talk about your new puppy, kitty, or baby bearded dragon for 30 minutes straight. However, pet lovers do, and those on a pet social network would love to hear your gushing over your pet because they get to gush, too!


You love your pet like a human child, and your pet is a big part of your life. You want to be around those who also love pets as much as you do and who understand your affection.

Animal Lovers Click was founded by pet lovers for pet lovers. Our pet social network allows you a chance to immerse yourself in a world full of pet owners who want to hear your story and connect. You can meet up at a local dog park and make new friends, too. With our pet dating app, you can even find those whom you already know love your pet. Download our pet social network app, and connect today!