Should You Date Someone Who Doesn’t Like Your Pet?

Your pet is a big part of your life, and you love them with all your heart. You take your dog with you everywhere, your cat is your profile picture for all your social media posts, and your reptile sleeps with you. When you are dating, you want to find someone who loves pets as much as you do and who will love yours if the relationship evolves. This begs the question: should you date someone who doesn’t like your pet?

Animal Lovers Click is a pet dating app and social network for those who love their pets to death. We offer a place where you can find others who love pets, whether for dating purposes or just to connect. From vet recommendations to helpful advice on raising a puppy or kitten, our pet social network has a wealth of resources for you to explore. Below, we’ll answer the question if you should date someone who doesn’t like your pet. Download our app today!


Dating is about finding someone whom you like and connect with and possibly growing your relationship further. If you’re a pet owner, your pet already has a corner of your heart. In your eyes, your pet is the best one alive (well, of course) and can do no wrong. From your cat puking up food because it ate too much to your dog peeing in the house, you still love them no matter what. However, others may not, and here’s where the dilemma arises.

Dating experts disagree on whether you should date someone if they are not a dog or a cat person. The reason many people don’t like pets is because they never grew up with them, or they had a bad experience as a child, such as being bitten by a dog. Thus, a lot of the reasons they don’t like pets has to do with inexperience with animals. Sometimes, all that is required is for that person to be around your dog, cat, or other pet. Once people are around animals, they warm up fast. After all, who doesn’t love a dog who loves you back, or a cat who sits on your lap and purrs?

That being said, if someone absolutely dislikes pets and your pet in particular, this could be a rocky relationship, indeed. They may try to poison your relationship with your dog or cat and just overall are negative when your pet is around. Animals can sense this reaction, which may be why your dog doesn’t like the person you are dating. Some experts note that people who have pets are used to caring for others, and this translates to the human world as well. They are more open to change, more forgiving, and less controlling in human relationships, too.


At the end of the day, you have to decide if the person you are dating who dislikes your pet is worth it. Often, this is a case-by-case basis, and the answer will vary. Animal Lovers Click recommends you go with your heart here. It’s never wrong. Download our pet dating app today!