How to Pick Out Your First Puppy

Choosing your first puppy is a very exciting event. After all, you are adding a new member to your family who will hopefully be with you for the next decade and longer. This type of event doesn’t happen every day, so you want to get it right. So how do you pick out your first puppy?

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Choose the Breed for Your Lifestyle

There are over 300 dog breeds that you can choose from, all with different characteristics that make them unique and loveable in their own special way. That being said, dog breeds came about because they were bred for different purposes. Some, admittedly, were bred as companion animals, while others are working dogs. This difference plays a big part in how they behave, the level of activity they need, and how social they naturally are. For example, some types of dog breeds love to be around humans, such as the Golden Retriever. Others are more reserved and guarded, such as the Great Dane. Animals Lovers Click recommends that you do your research before you decide upon which type of puppy is best for you.

Spend Some Time With Your Puppy Before Deciding

Assuming you are getting your puppy from a breeder, there will most likely be a whole litter to choose from. When you show up, don’t just pick up the first puppy you come to and take them home. When choosing a companion for life, it’s best to take some time, hang out with all of the puppies, and decide which personality will suit you the best.

Size Matters

There is a big difference between a Chihuahua and an Irish Wolfhound. A large breed will need more room to roam around, will do well with a fenced yard, and will probably need lots of exercise to stay healthy and fit. A smaller breed dog does not need nearly as much space, which is why they are perfect for apartment living. Plus, the larger the breed, the more food they will eat, which can add up big time over the course of 10+ years.


Of course, no matter which puppy you choose, you will love it till the end of time. Find someone to share your life and your new puppy’s life with on our pet dating app, or find a dog park near you for some fun puppy play time today!