How to Choose Your Kitten

Adding a new member to your family is an exciting day — especially one as cute and adorable as a kitten. These little balls of fluff have the softest meows, perform the funniest antics, and will cuddle with you forever. So how do you choose a kitten?

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Most likely, you know that each cat has its own unique personality. Cats can often be extremely finicky, and because they are territorial animals, it’s important that you find the right kitten for you. To gauge personality, Animal Lovers Click recommends that you sit down on the floor with the kitten or kittens you are thinking of adopting into your family, and spend some time with them. See if they approach you or if they run away from you. Pick them up. Play with them. You can learn a lot from just spending some quality time with them.

Find Out Their History

Kittens’ personalities and how they relate to the world are formed within the first few weeks of life. Kittens who have been handled a lot by humans since birth and who have been exposed to many different humans and other animals tend to be more friendly and well-adjusted than kittens who did not experience this. If you are looking for a friendly, outgoing kitten, it’s crucial to ask the breeder about the kitten’s early life experiences.

Choose Your Breed

While breeds tend not to be such a deciding factor in kitten adoptions than puppy adoptions, if you are looking for a pure-bred cat, then do your research wisely. You’ll want to find a kitten whose lifestyle matches yours. For example, Siamese kittens are known to be very talkative, and some breeds of cats are more demanding of their owners than others. It’s wise to decide ahead of time which breed of kitten you think will fit you before you begin your search.

Use a Pet Social Network

Talk to other cat owners and/or breeders before you invest in a kitten. They can offer up sound advice on how to select one and what to look for, from bright eyes to a free spirit. You can learn so much from other cat owners on a pet social network, such as Animal Lovers Click.


Animal Lovers Click is a great tool to have when you are seeking to date a pet owner or when you just need some solid advice. We invite you to download our pet social network, and discover for yourself what all the fuss is about. Do so today!