Deal Breakers and Dating With Pets

Your furry friend is your best friend, but they will understand if you need a little human companionship too! However, it can be tricky to date with pets, so both of you need to plan well, or else it can be a dealbreaker. In today’s blog, we will be discussing pet-related dating dealbreakers, and how to prepare for dating when you or both of you have pets.

Deal Breaker – Your date doesn’t plan around your pet-caring schedule.

How to prepare instead: When planning your date, understand the pet-caring schedules between you and your prospective partner. Be mindful of your pets’ feeding and walking schedules, while taking into account your date’s schedules too. Especially if either of you has a dog, be sure to make a plan for how long the date will last. We all know what happens when you assume your doggie can hold it in for just a few more minutes. Plan ahead, or even better, plan a date that is dog-friendly so you can bring them along!

Deal Breaker – Your date doesn’t warn you about their pets’ behavior in advance.

How to prepare instead: If you bring your date home, how will your pets react? In most cases, your pets will either run and hide, be overly friendly, or be super protective and possessive of you. Recognize your pets’ behavior to be able to plan for when you bring a new person over to your home. Talk with your date about your pets’ behavior in advance and ask them about their pets as well. Let your date know if your pets tend to be shy or if they’re going to jump on them and give them sloppy kisses. You probably wouldn’t feel the same way towards a dog who tackles you when its owner told you the dog is lazy and shy, so do right by mentally preparing your date to meet your furry friend and asking them about theirs!

Deal Breaker – Your date is picky about pet hair.

How to prepare instead: Pet owners may not realize or like it, but they eat, sleep, and breathe pet hair. It’s everywhere. Even if your date has pets as well, and even if it sounds silly, find a way to have a conversation about what type of fur your pets have. If you’ve got a really fluffy, long-hair kitty, mention that! This is especially important for people who have allergies. Some people can only have pets with hypo-allergenic fur (or no fur at all), which is an important conversation to have before you step into each other’s pet-hair-filled homes.

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