Important note about Geo-Location Information:

We request access or permission to and track location-based information from your mobile device, to provide certain location-based services. By creating an account in our app, you agree to give our app access to your current location. That is a must for our app to perform its functionality. If you do not want our app to use your current location, you must not use our app at all. Even if you disable your Locations settings on your device, our app may still use your current location to perform certain functionalities. Your current location will be stored in our backend database when you sign up for the app. However, you can select to only be able to manually update your current location from then on in the app’s settings page. If you select automatic location updates, the app will check your current location while it is in use. Only if your current location is more than approximately 25 miles away from the previously recorded location on our servers, it will be automatically updated on our servers. Note that we do not store continuous records of your current location on our backend database. Each time your location is updated on our servers, whether manually or automatically, the previously recorded location data will be replaced by the new location data.