What services do you offer?
Important: How to get our shelter/rescue verified by Animal Lovers Click?
What are ClickCoins and How can I earn them?
What are ClickCoins used for? What do I eventually get by earning them?
How does the Dating service work?
I am not interested in online dating. Can I only sign up for socializing service?
Will I be getting messages from other users that are using the Dating service if I am only using the Socializing service?
What can I post in the Park screen?
How can I finalize arrangements with a pet sitter? I don't want to share my private information in the public comment screen.
How do lost and found alerts work?
Can animal shelters or rescues create a profile as well?
Can I create an account for myself and one account for the shelter that I work for?
As an individual, can I create alert posts to adopt out a pet?
What is the process for adopting pets?
How much will be donated to animal shelters/rescues?
What animal shelters will receive the donations?
Is this app free to download and use?